About Us

Casa de Amor Para Niños is an ecumenical Christian work in Palomas, Mexico (just across the border from Columbus, New Mexico). We lead the Board of Directors, which includes people from a number of other Christian churches in New Mexico, and Mexico, as well. Most orphanages in Mexico are institutions that are run like a boarding house for kids.  As a result, the kids never learn the valuable lessons taught in a family, they have no support once they turn 18, and they often end up back in the lifestyle that their parents were in that caused them to become orphans.  We think there is a better way. 

We have designed our orphanage after the family unit.  We have 12 teenage girls at our orphanage.  We act as parents, aunts and uncles, big sisters and big brothers to them.  We seek to guide them and teach them skills that will be useful for them when they become parents.  In addition, we pledge to stay with them after they turn 18 and to help them get an education in college or a trade school so that they will have the ability to provide for themselves and escape the poverty cycle. 

All of our girls have a terrible past. They have all lost their families one way or another. The power of the Holy Spirit is essential to set them free from their past and to set them on the Lord’s road.  Our job is to give them a future and a hope. We are providing education, counseling, and spiritual help to these girls so that they can be restored and become all that the Lord intended for them. We are very excited about this opportunity to make a significant impact in these girls’ lives. We have a full staff, and each month our volunteers spend a week-end with these girls seeking to help them obtain a vision for all the Lord can do!

We invite all to come down with us each month and become involved in this ministry.  If you are interested, please contact us! 

Pastor Jim Noble 505.690.8302